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Russia Today's CrossTalk on the Drug Wars

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This site is dedicated to the legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use in the United States.

We believe that the best way to go about achieving our goal is through education. Here you will learn the real truth about marijuana and its effects on the human body. We will also compare the use of marijuana as a recreation drug to other popular recreational (legal) drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

We believe in the legalization of cannabis for many reasons. Primarily we believe that the Federal Government does not have the authority under the Constitution to make marijuana illegal, let alone to wage a War on Drugs.

Wait a minute! The Federal Government doesn't have the authority to make marijuana illegal? Didn't the Federal Government outlaw alcohol in the 1920's? Yes, but at that time lawmakers had enough respect for the Constitution of the United States to outlaw alcohol in the only constitutionally permissible way, through a constitutional amendment. A constitutional amendment is the only legal way to outlaw a recreational drug like marijuana or alcohol. Most importantly, a constitutional amendment requires a passage of 66% in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as well as 75% of the States to ratify it (according to their own constitutions) in order for it to become law.

Eventually people realized that prohibition created more crime and cost taxpayers more money than when alcohol was a legal recreational drug.

We believe that the same is true for marijuana today. Marijuana is an anomaly in nature because it is both in high demand and illegal. The combination of the two makes marijuana extremely expensive when compared to how little it costs to produce and harvest.